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Come to our End of Year Workshop, Tues. 12/13

It’s hardly a holiday tradition, but the end-of-year wrap up is a must-do all the same. To make the process simpler and have a little fun while you do it, you’re invited to our annual End of Year Workshop! In 45 minutes, you’ll learn everything you need to put a bow on the year.

Customer profile: Megan Harmon, Crescenta Cañada Pet Hospital

Professional photographer. Creator of frighteningly funny Halloween tableaus. A front office supervisor who’s not afraid to push buttons (in Cornerstone, that is). Megan Harmon is a turtle rescuer and Forensic Files fan that you’d definitely want to connect with the next time you visit Southern California.

Cornerstone 9.5 "is a life-saver" says super-user Alex DeRuiter

When he wants to learn something new, Alex DeRuiter takes matters into his own hands. Whether that’s mastering bonsai. Building a backyard bread oven. Or exploring the latest features in Cornerstone. During a rare moment of downtime at Grand Rapids Rapids Vet Clinic, Alex shared his impressions of the Cornerstone 9.5 upgrade, raved about enhancements like the new patient clipboard drop-down, and shared tips on getting team members up to speed on what’s new in Cornerstone.

Free CE: Money talks, de-stressing cost conversations with clients

Discussing the “M” word can either put a knot in your stomach and your client’s—or reinforce your bond. In this live session, 3 practitioners share advice on the training, tools and tech that empower their staff to have confident conversations with pet parents about the cost of care. And you’ll get a free guide to creating your own training program.

Customer profile: Alex DeRuiter, Grand Rapids Vet Clinic

Film fan with a soft spot for Fellini and David Lynch. Bonsai whisperer. Amateur chef who slices radishes so thin you can see through them. Alex DeRuiter, 35, is a man of many talents, and that includes using Cornerstone in some novel ways.