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The most accurate screening solution available for detecting vector-borne disease 1-3 –now with clinical decision support for clarity when determining next steps.
  • Store tests at room temperature for up to six months for improved workflow.
  • Test annually to help prevent the spread of heartworm disease, Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, and anaplasmosis while increasing awareness of these vector-transmitted diseases.
  • Get reference lab-quality technology for superior diagnostic accuracy at the point of care.
  • Automatically activate SNAP tests to save time and improve workflow with the SNAP Pro Analyzer.

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Screen for six vector-borne pathogens


Heartworm disease has been found in dogs in all 50 states in the U.S. While heartworm is both treatable and preventable, it is a serious and deadly disease that may show no clinical signs in its early stage. Screen annually to find even low worm-burden patients sooner and more often, and begin treatment when you can do the most good.

Lyme disease

More accurately identify Lyme disease in clinically and subclinically infected dogs with proven C 6 ELISA technology. The SNAP 4Dx Plus Test identifies antibodies that are produced only as a result of a Borrelia burgdorferi infection.


Detection of antibodies to Ehrlichia canis or Ehrlichia ewingii indicates tick exposure and the transmission of infectious agents. Additional testing is recommended in these patients to determine if there is an active infection. Controlling the infection early is the best way to protect your patients from chronic disease.


Annually screen dogs to identify exposure to Anaplasma phagocytophilum and Anaplasma platys. Early detection improves patient prognosis and reinforces the importance of tick control.

Clinical decision support screen in VetConnect PLUS software

You receive a positive test result. Now what?

With expert tools and support included in VetConnect PLUS, you have the information you need to make fast, effective clinical decisions, determine next steps, and communicate recommendations to the client.

Continuing the conversation with clients on heartworm and tick-borne disease screening

Share these communication resources with your clients to help reinforce the importance of
regular screening to protect their pets and families
Front cover and inside spread of the preventive care brochure for pet owners with dog and cat on front cover from Pet Health Network.
Free client brochures

Educate clients on the importance of their pet's routine wellness visit and how regular screening helps to protect their dogs and families.

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Veterinarian holding mobile phone to show fecal results on VetConnect PLUS with client during his dog's wellness exam.
Client communications with VetConnect PLUS

Celebrate negative results with client-friendly summaries sent directly to pet owners.

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Illustration of a phone displaying a social media post for pet routine wellness visits
Social media for ongoing education

Ready-to-go posts to share on your practice's social media channels as well as educational resources to deepen your social media expertise.

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U.S. parasite prevalence map
Parasite prevalence maps

Help clients understand the risk of exposure in places they visit and at home.

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One SNAP can change everything

Watch how SNAP technology delivers superior diagnostic accuracy—and see what you may sacrifice when you use a test without it.

White papers and peer-reviewed literature

IDEXX 4Dx Plus Test: Expanded capability, same great performance

​ Accuracy of the SNAP 4Dx Plus Test ​

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Exposure to tick-borne diseases increases risk of developing chronic kidney disease. Read the study
Graphic showing exposure to tick-borne disease increases risk of developing chronic kidney disease
Five parasites.
Screen for 9 diseases and infections carried by ticks, mosquitoes, and worms using IDEXX-exclusive tests

Learn about comprehensive parasite screening with IDEXX Preventive Care


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